How Does Secure Insight - Consumer Search - Protect Me from Settlement Fraud?

Secure Insight was found in 2009 by an attorney and mortgage industry fraud experts to protect banks and consumers from fraud caused or assisted by settlement agents.  It was the first company in the banking industry to identify settlement risk to consumers and insisting on a process to require attorneys, title agents, escrow officers, and notaries to submit to background checks, license and insurance verification,  and ongoing screening and monitoring to deter and prevent fraud. 

In the past decade, Secure Insight has vetted over 80,000 professionals and provided risk reports to banks nationwide ensuring the safe and secure closing of more than 10 million residential mortgage loans across America.  The Secure Insight fraud protection process was created in collaboration with risk analysts with Lloyds of London and considered many case studies relating to fraud that occurred during the banking crisis of 2005-2008 which led to the collapse of the mortgage lending industry, millions of foreclosures, and the adoption of new federal laws to fight fraud.